Steady Stroll

Today we were surprised with beautiful weather instead of the thunderstorms and lightning we were expecting. We drop the car off at the Appalachian Trail Museum and Bob drove us to Shippensburg Road to begin. We started out at a good pace but that ended pretty quickly. It took us 4 1/2 hours in the pouring rain to do 11 miles yesterday but by hour three today we had only completed 5 miles. Hiking together is nice, but becomes more of a leisurely stroll than a hike.

We finally finished our hike after about 6 1/2 hours and went back to Bob and Sandy’s house for one more night of comfort. We have enjoyed staying with them so much and are going to truly missed the conference of what feels like home. We chopped, cooked, and froze our food for the next few days in their kitchen then showered one more time, just for good measure.

When life takes you onto the trail, or into Fayettville PA look up the amazing services provided by Bob.

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