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Our ride from Truckee dropped us off mid-afternoon on a beautiful, sunny day. People were everywhere, it was a completely different site than the night before. We got back out on the trail, planning to go 7.3 miles north to the Peter Grubb Hut that night. When we arrived at the Hut we expected it to be similar to the shelters found on the Appalachian Trail. This was very different. It was a full cabin- two stories high, several rooms, a fire place and a bunch of pre cut firewood. It looked like they were in the middle of a roof replacement though and half of it...

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After leaving Mammoth Lakes we traveled through Tuolumne Meadows. We had a lot of rain and strong winds during these next five and half days. As we headed north we came to Highway 108, down the road a few miles was Kennedy Meadows North Resort. Guthook’s guide showed that although they had hot showers and a small restaurant, our resupply options would be very limited here. While hiking to the road we decided that we would test our luck and try to hitch 30 miles in the other direction down to Bridgeport, a much larger town with two grocery stores....

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With only 6 days left till we leave, I think we can agree that we have done great planning our trip. Only a few things left before we head out and we will be set. We ordered and received most of our gear online, Dion has planned as much as possible for what to expect. I am looking forward to heading out and actually experiencing the Appalachian Trail for myself. We are excited about our Coleman grill and griddle that came in yesterday. Since we will be slack packing the entire trip, some extra gear will come in very handy. This will...

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