Ten Mile River Shelter

After an absolutely amazing time at Amy and Bills house we had a late start back on the trail. We are extremely fortunate that Amy and Bill will be letting us keep our Jeep there for the next few weeks. Amy shuttled us back to the Appalachian Tail train station where we left off, and we set out for our ten mile day. After being around so many other hikers and such uplifting people we are all really pumped to be back on the trail and putting miles behind us. It was 95 degrees today, which I heard was a record for this area, and we were all ridiculously sweaty but we really enjoyed being on the trail today. About half a mile after getting on the trail we had to walk through an open field for an hour or so which was not too pleasant. This was the first time I’ve really seen Christian sweat, but still he do not complain once! We stopped at every shady mosquito free area we came upon and really enjoyed our day.

Ten mile shelter has a hand pump for water which was amazing after being covered in sweat all day. The first thing we did when we reached the shelter was completely soak ourselves and wash up. This made the tent set up and night overall so much more comfortable. We stayed here with Bearbell, Hopper and Bismarck, Little Bit and two others we had met at the party. The only complaint we could possibly have other than the heat spell would be the INSANE amount of Mosquitos. It is unbearable outside of our tent, we have pretty much hid in here since we arrived. Hopefully there will be a few more clouds as our amazing trip continues tomorrow.

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