The Falls

After very little sleep during the night at Greenleaf hut we are woken up at 5 am by the kitchen staff prepping breakfast. Because we are up so early the boys decide they are going to pull a huge day and go 16 miles to Zeeland Falls hut. We’re hoping this sleep situation was just bad luck and enjoyed the delicious hot food so much that we are going to check out the next hut and hope it’s a better night!

What a long day for these two! Buddy did a great job hiking and Dion did an excellent job pacing them throughout their day. The conquered those mountains and got into the hut just as the sun went down around 8pm, just in time for dinner! I had gone ahead this afternoon, reserved our spots for work for stay and did about an hours worth of dishes in exchange for our spots there. I was so glad to see them coming in when they did, I was starting to get a little worried because it was so late!

The hut was full tonight, full of kids. 25 kids under the age of 6 to be exact. I was excited because this meant that Christian would be able to play with all of them in the morning, but hoped that they all loved to sleep through the night! After barely staying awake long enough to scarf down the delicious thanksgiving style feast, we began setting up our sleeping pads and getting ready for bed. ‘THUMP’ went a little girl from the top of the bunk beds, stacked three high. “SCREAM” went the little girl for an hour. I completely understood how scared this poor girl was after falling out of her bunk, but secretly prayed for her to be just a little bit more quiet after seeing that she wasn’t hurt. One would think that after a child falls about 15 feet from the top of the bunks that they would make sure that none of the other small children are up on the top bunks. We discovered this kind of common sense was not present with this group around 12am, when we had all finally fallen asleep, and another child went ‘THUMP’. This poor child was not as lucky as the other one. I awoke to see this kid, screaming bloody murder, was justified in his blood curdling screams. He had split his chin open, and was so lucky there was an emergency room physician among the group who just so happened to have some liquid stitches in hand to fix him right up. Even though cleaning him up, applying the liquid cure-all, and asking him a million times if his neck hurt only took 15 minutes this poor kid was so startled that he proceeded to scream for 2 HOURS. STRAIGHT. I don’t know how he didn’t pass out, this poor kid could really scream. I was so thankful when he finally stopped, but also so enraged with his parents for not taking him outside, or into their room and allowing him to carry on like that in the common room where we were all sleeping that I barely slept even after they all went back to sleep.

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