A Future Walks On

After waking the next morning it felt strange to not have to think about what we had left to do until we were done. The trail and the last few days were all we were still talking about, but now it’s over. Now we are going to head back up north to Long Island and visit family and friends for a couple of weeks. Before we head back we have to go thank Laurie Potteiger for telling us about that Browntown side trail and return the maps we had borrowed. We love getting to go to the ATC office. Walking up and seeing that sign that every thru hiker takes a photo in front of makes me smile every time. Dion is absolutely in love with the topography map and insists that one day when we grow up and get a house, we will have one of those in it. Buddy loves signing the register in the back and seeing how tall he is in the bathroom. We returned the maps to Laurie and thanked her for the great advice. After one more look around, we said goodbye to everyone at the ATC and headed into the Jeep for the ride up north. We went to Pennsylvania for the weekend to visit Dion’s family before returning to LI for the next few weeks.
Everyone wants to know, what’s next for Buddy Backpacker? Well, that’s something we’ve been thinking about and working toward long before we finished the hike. As every thru hiker does, we began thinking about our next adventure not to long into beginning the AT. Now that the decision has been made and plans are proceeding it’s time to let you all know.

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