Appalachian Trail -

Tiggers Tree House

Tiggers Tree House in Etna NH is not to be missed by any thru hiker! After our long 16 mile day yesterday we did an easy 6 miles to get here The owners of the property Karen and Bill are the most gracious and hospitable people you’d ever want to meet. They live about three miles from the trail on a beautiful piece of property. They have one small camper and one large RV parked in front of their house, this is where thru hikers are aloud to stay. The one smaller one is perfect for a single person or couple, the larger RV where we stayed is now on our list for future purchases. It has a pull out bed and loft area above the drivers seat, ac, stove, fridge and full bathroom. They allow hikers to use the bottom half of their home as if it were your own. There is a small kitchen/wash room which has a washer and dryer to do your laundry as well as a fully stocked hiker kitchen with a microwave, coffee maker, and a freezer and shelves full of free hiker food. They have a bathroom for showers with Bose speakers so you can rock out while cleaning up, this was one of Christians favorite parts. In the main downstairs area there is a couch, tv and community computer.

Although we don’t usually rely on the weather forecasts to be correct they were calling for showers in the morning and afternoon the next day, so we decided we would zero at Tiggers Tree House and head out the next day. We had such a great zero day, we caught up on some work, Christian and I went to the library and most importantly Karen surprised Christian with several boxes of fireworks. She had read in the paper that there was going to be a circus in town and asked Christian earlier in the day if he would Ike to go. As any kid would be, he was really excited to go, then very disappointed when we found out the tickets were sold out. Upon finding out that there were no tickets left Karen went into her garage and returned with several large fireworks and a few boxes of sparklers and declared that we would have our own ‘circus’. This was such a great surprise for Christian he completely forgot all about the circus. After dinner, along with two other thru hikers and friends of ours Little SAS and Kokopelli, we set off the fireworks and burned up all the sparklers. Christian had the best time and kept thanking them over and over for the surprise.

Continually meeting such amazing people who are so kind to hikers restores my faith in humanity and leaves me thanking then over and over for showing Christian what it means to be a good person.