Hello at High Point

My best friend Marianna is meeting us today at High Point State Park to go get our car from Wind Gap and park it in Unionville for a bit. Hiking without the car has been fantastic. We have noticed the weight of our packs slowed us down a bit, but we will build those muscles up as we go and hopefully switch out some of our gear. Our tent, Dion’s sleeping bag and our water filter are all things we will swap out next time we get to REI.

Today I’m going to take a zero day to go get the car with Marianna. Christian and Dion are going to hike to State Line Road so I can drop the car off there for our next week out.

We are going to head out for 12 days this time and hike from State Line Road in Unionville NY to the RPH shelter near Peekskill NY.

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