Windmills and Waterways

The next section of the trail for us was so hot, but not completely dry. We walked along the aqua duct by early morning light, taking cover from the heat under any shade we could find. We only made it 8.8 miles out from the road the first night, but then did an easy 18+ the next. This section is all about getting up early, taking mid day naps and night hiking to make it bearable. We have met some who don’t mind hiking during the day when it’s 105 out, for us that is just not enjoyable. We are so very much so looking forward to the Sierra, we can’t wait to find some tree cover.

We arrived on June 3rd to Tehachapi and have been here for days now. We are waiting on a package to arrive, but have found out that because it wasn’t shipped priority mail it could take up to 21 days. Lesson learned about the importance of priority, unfortunately my non collapsable poles were being sent and those don’t fit too nicely into a flat rate box. Oh well, what can you do. It’s now Sunday and although we have really enjoyed our time in Tehachapi we have got to head out tonight, we can not stay and wait any longer for the box to arrive. We are planning on making it to Kennedy Meadows in a week and heading on strong for there. Our time in Tehachapi was great, I was able to introduce Christian to my family he’s never met before and then we stayed at the pilots lounge in town for two nights which was great. Our pal Rock Ocean is also in town working on his van, so hopefully he will get that all sorted out and be back on his way again. Thanks for everything Tehachapi, it’s been real and it’s been fun but now it’s time to get back where we belong- to the trail!

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