Youngest PCT Thru-Hiker

We have completed all 2686 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. At age 6, Buddy is now the youngest person to hike the entire trail in one year. #GoBuddy

If you have been following along with our journey on Facebook, you will know that we put in a significant amount of miles during the second half of our trip. This is part of the reason why our wonderful website has been neglected for so long.


It's hard for me to dedicate even a few precious town hours to sitting in front of the computer blogging when all I want is a full-on food coma and a soft bed to lay on. I was able to keep up with my writing on my ipad along the way so over the next few days I am going to be updating our blog as well as completely revamping our site. We want to share our full trail experience with everyone who is interested so watch your social media feed, there will be lots of things coming up from us in the next few weeks.



  • this is amazing I can ot belive that this little kid can dod the biggest thing ever props to buddy

    shaelyn Fortin
  • Awesome. We gave you and your parents a ride from west glacier mt to the marias pass. Very nice to have met you all. Glad to know God kept you safe.

    Velma Wolftail
  • That is so awesome how he can travel that far how many miles in all did he hike in all?

    Hope Daniel

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