About Buddy

The all-time youngest Pacific Crest Trail hiker, and all-time youngest Appalachian Trail hiker, Christian Thomas is known simply as “Buddy Backpacker” for all the qualities that he represents: friendship, mobility, curiosity, and exploration.

Christian Thomas was born on April 1, 2008, in Kings Park, N.Y. After spending the early years of his life growing up on Long Island, more than 100 miles away from anything resembling wilderness, Christian moved with his family to Boulder, Colo., where he began hiking near 14,000 ft mountains at the age of 4. Thanks to the influence of his parents, he grew up as an active child and became a fan of the outdoors. Christian would regularly return to New York during the summer to visit his family and ride his bike to his grandfather’s fishing spot.

Some of his later days in the Colorado mountains, while living at 9,500 ft on Mt. Crested Butte, he enjoyed honing his skills in skiing while developing lower muscle strength. When he started hiking northbound on April 27th 2013 from Harpers Ferry, Virginia, his adjustment to the high altitude helped him hike long distances on the Appalachian Trail, averaging 12-mile-days at only 5-years-old.

After hiking three 16-mile-days out of Duncanon, Penn., he appeared to be a contender for the youngest person to hike the entire Appalachian Trail. He blasted past Mt. Garfield in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, pulling a 17-mile day from Greenleaf to Zealand Falls Hut, while still stopping and talking to over 30 hikers he passed.

Christian continued to improve, and in Maine, he accidentally broke his then personal best mileage, by hiking too fast past his pick up point, and unknowingly hiked 22 miles into Monson.

That fall, the Baxter State Park Authority granted Christian Thomas with permission to climb Mount Katahdyn. He was the first five-year-old granted permission and, on September 14, 2013, became the youngest person known to summit the peak and complete the entire northern half of the Appalachian Trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your favorite part?

Harder parts of the trail. Katahdyn on the Appalachian, Goat Rocks on the Pacific Crest

How far do you hike?

About 20-25 miles on a regular day

Do you wear a backpack?

Didn’t really use at pack when I was 5, but now I do

How long did it take?

Appalachian took 9 months. The Pacific Crest took 7 months.

Where do you sleep?

Small camping spots along the trail

Where do you poop?


Where do you shower?

Towns and backcountry rivers

Do you carry a map?

Yes and we use an great iPhone apps too

How long do you plan?

We plan each trail for about 30 days before we leave

Do you hike alone?

We see 10-40 people a day during hiking season.

Favorite trail food?

Chocolate and chocolate covered honey buns

Where do you get food?

There is a town every four to five days. Sometimes we mail ourselves packages.

Are you ever tired?

Never really exhausted by the end of the day. Not yet.

Did you see any bears?

Just two. In New Jersey.

Whats your heaviest item?

Battery pack for the iPhone

Which trail is harder?

The Appalachian is harder. The trail in Maine is more like an obstacle course.

What's a thru-hiker?

One whole trail in one year.