Frequently Asked Questions

What's your favorite part of the trails?

Harder parts of the trail. Katahdyn on the Appalachian, Goat Rocks on the Pacific Crest

How far do you hike?

About 20-25 miles on a regular day

Do you wear a backpack?

Didn’t really use at pack when I was 5, but now I do

How long did it take?

Appalachian took 9 months. The Pacific Crest took 7 months.

Where do you sleep?

Small camping spots along the trail

Where do you poop?


Where do you shower?

Towns and backcountry rivers

Do you carry a map?

Yes and we use an great iPhone apps too

How long do you plan?

We plan each trail for about 30 days before we leave

Do you hike alone?

We see 10-40 people a day during hiking season.

Favorite trail food?

Chocolate and chocolate covered honey buns

Where do you get food?

There is a town every four to five days. Sometimes we mail ourselves packages.

Are you ever tired?

Never really exhausted by the end of the day. Not yet.

Did you see any bears?

Just two. In New Jersey.

Whats your heaviest item?

Battery pack for the iPhone

Which trail is harder?

The Appalachian is harder. The trail in Maine is more like an obstacle course.

What's a thru-hiker?

One whole trail in one year.