Shuttle for Northbounders

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CDT Shuttle Information

Getting to the CDT trailhead can be overwhelming.

We're now offering a shuttle to help hikers get to the Crazy Cook Monument.

You could wind up spending over $200 before you even get your boots on the ground at Crazy Cook. We're offering free camping and get you to the trailhead super early for just $80. For hiker-trash on a budget, this is a great choice.

We bought an acre of property in Hachita, New Mexico (the closest town to the start of the CDT) and we're calling it Buddy Backpacker Basecamp. It is a great place for hikers to gather, talk, and prepare before heading out. 

Basecamp offers camping inside the Hachita Community Center (Access to a full kitchen, shower & wifi), water, sun umbrella rental, slack packing options, a small amount of resupply options including gas canisters and most importantly - ice cream.

You can break up the first 85 mile carry from the monument to Lordsburg by mailing a resupply to Hachita or leaving one to hike back to. 

*We will run a shuttle from Lordsburg to Hachita at 6pm from McDonalds to pick up anyone who will take the bus or train to Lordsburg.



We've hiked the start of the CDT three times. This is an opportunity for us to give back to the trail community and help hikers get through the first 90 miles of brutal desert.

We decided that the second week of April to the first week of May is the best time to run our shuttle. You won't leave too early and hit snow in the Gila and Colorado, and you won't leave too late when the desert is just too hot. This window offers northbound hikers optimal success through New Mexico and beyond.

This year, Buddy Backpacker Basecamp will run a shuttle for northbound thru-hikers. There are 4 shuttle spots per day. Reservations for the shuttle are open now. Try to book with Buddy Backpacker Basecamp at least 2 weeks in advance for a shuttle. 

The ride between Hachita and the border takes approximately 2 hours. Northbound hikers will leave Buddy Backpacker Basecamp at 6:00 and arrive at the monument at 8:30 am.

Shuttle fare includes:

  • Camping at Basecamp (just in case you need to get off trail for a bit)
  • A small donation to the CDTC for all their hard work

Our Optimal "Take It Easy" Schedule:

Day 1 - Get dropped off before the sun really hits. Camp overnight.
Day 2 - Get picked when its still really hot. Eat ice cream. Stay at basecamp.
Day 3 - Slackpack (don't carry gear) 20 miles. Get picked up. Stay at basecamp.
Day 4 - Slackpack 14 miles. Get picked up. Eat ice cream. Stay at basecamp.
Day 5 - Get sent off toward Pyramid peak. Camp overnight.
Day 6 - Get into Lordsburg. Eat ice cream.

Instead of hiking with 6 days of food through the desert, you can leave yourself a mail drop, and carry a day or two at a time. 

Non-Shuttle Basecamp Access: $10
Slack-packing Options: $10
Parking: $5 per day