Super Pack

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Inspired by Buddy Backpacker's Superhero shirt he rocked on the Appalachian Trail -  We bring you the Super Pack.


Volume: 25L Body + 7L Front Pouch

Max Load Capacity: 25 lbs

Dimensions: 24" high, 5"wide, 11"long 


The pack is created using 2.92 oz/sqyd Dyneema Composite Fabric with lycra/spandex blended fabric to form the pockets. Every seam and sewn point on the pack is reinforced with Cuben Fiber Seam Tape to help keep moisture out! 

This ultra light pack is perfect for kids 4+ years old or any adult UL thru hikers. You can easily thru hike with this pack, even with a few extra luxury items. 


Customize It:

We can change the color of everything and anything on the pack.

The lycra/spandex can be switched for Dyneema Composite Fabric in several different colors (for a small charge) or for other lycra/spandex colors and prints.

Tell us what you want your pack to look like and we can probably do it for you!